RESOLVED! Possible un-registered off-road equipment

In Progress

Wednesday 11 February 2015 11:00:00 AM

Location: 19480-19498 Cross Street, Stratford, CA 93266, EE. UU.

Categorie: Air


During a bus tour with the Kings IVAN task force a demolition site was observed. PROBLEM: Working at the site were two off-road pieces of equipment: a crane and a bobcat. It wasn't clear that the equipment was registered with ARB as required. There were two trucks working at the site as well that may not be registered with ARB as required either. Pictures were taken and the case has been referred to ARB ED for follow-up. RESOLUTION DATE MARCH 5, 2015: Citations written because the equipment was not labeled as required by the off-road equipment regulations and there is a problem with their reporting to ARB as well. Citations will be sent and follow them until the problem is corrected and the citations are paid. (citations range between $3-500)

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