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Illegal dumping

Status: Unresolved

Date: Friday 9 March 2018 12:12 PM

Address: 3rd st


Two cars are illegally dumped on the side of someone’s property.

Egg smelling water

Status: In Progress

Date: Wednesday 7 March 2018 11:00 AM

Address: King st Kettleman City ca


The water coming out of the tap has a very sulfer like smell too it.

Pesticide drift

Status: In Progress

Date: Monday 5 March 2018 18:00 PM

Address: Edwards st Kettleman City ca


Pesticide drift is hitting the town. Strong chemical smell in the air.

Brown water

Status: In Progress

Date: Friday 2 March 2018 12:12 PM

Address: Milham


The water in the taps and showers in town sometimes comes out a brown color with an overly chlorinated smell.

Illegal trash dumping

Status: In Progress

Date: Tuesday 27 February 2018 16:20 PM

Address: I5 junction


Their is a bunch of trash dumped on the hill. There is also an abandoned building that can pose a fire hazard.

Strange chemical smell

Status: In Progress

Date: Wednesday 14 February 2018 13:22 PM

Address: Idaho and 41


Smells like a strange sweet chemical.

Fowl Smell Of Human Feces And Dead Carcas

Status: In Progress

Date: Friday 5 August 2016 10:01 AM

Address: Avenal on 269 north east bond


Exiting Avenal on 269 north east bond. Terrible stench, my nostrils are still irritated and I've begin to develop phlegm, 2 miles out. UNDER INVESTIGATION: This isn't the first time we receive complaints on stench from the landfill. The air district sent staff who did not come across the same stench reported days later. Not sure if they are just slow in covering garbage that comes in but why would there be a carcass stench?

Illegally Dumped Mattresses On Utica & 33

Status: In Progress

Date: Sunday 24 July 2016 11:29 AM

Address: Utica & 33


Two Illegally Dumped Mattresses

Esta Aplicando RoundUp Industrial En Area Residencial

Status: In Progress

Date: Thursday 23 June 2016 8:14 AM

Address: E Lassen St


Hace dos meses, El dueño estaba usando quimica para quemar el zacate en un lote valdio. Es problema porque los ninos juegan en ese lote, apesta fuerte y nocivo a la salud. COORDINATES: 36.004175,-120.121721

Avenal Dump

Status: In Progress

Date: Friday 17 June 2016 15:20 PM

Address: Avenal


Egg like smell escaping dump

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